Jemiah Jefferson

Photo by Serena Davidson

Hi – my name’s Jemiah. I write books by inclination, and proofread and manage workflow for comic books by vocation. Here you’ll find info on my published works, thoughts on and previews of the upcoming Dark Horse projects I’m doing, a bit about me, and then a bit more about me.

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I give my most favorite bands and albums multiple years where I don’t listen, for fear of burning out. The funny thing is, if I’m going to burn out on a song or an album, there’s really not a lot I can do about it – and it usually doesn’t happen because it’s ME listening to it to too much. Anyway, I’m back on the Bauhaus-and-diaspora tip for now, and it’s just as remarkable and beautiful as ever.


I started watching Fellini’s Casanova last night, via Hoopla via the local library system (all hail)! I can’t tell if it influenced my dreams last night at all – I didn’t really properly sleep until after dawn, which is becoming quite typical – rather spending the night in a state of semi-aware drifting, much too tired to get up but unable to attain that sweet unconsciousness we all crave. Anyway, Donald Sutherland, in his youthful prime, has thus far worn a massive silk cloak over a fetching cotton spaghetti strap romper situation, and in the scene I’m currently paused in, a confection of candy-pink stitched swirls and leg o’ mutton sleeves, and I’m like, Ahh, Fellini, you just get me, don’t you?

it’s an interesting time to be black in America. it usually is, but this week has been extra interesting.

How abruptly the world changes under one’s feet; like an earthquake that exposes an entire new set of physical circumstances. As Muad’Dib prayed, “Bend like a reed in the wind…” or pop imp Howard Jones cheerfully suggested, “Bend, don’t break!”


oh hey, cool, that’s right, I have a website!

not much to report, though, not really, if you don’t count a really intense Once Upon a Time in Hollywood obsession (and yeah I am watching it right now – again – fifth time – plenty more in my future). I wrote some fanfic about it and I intend to write some more.

I dunno… I’m just sort of drawing inward these days… I can’t figure it.

That is the general scientific consensus, and I believe it – but I still have no explanation for why, when I’ve been going like gangbusters for two weeks or more, I require a day where I sleep for, on average, 18 hours. Therefore, if you ever see me on Saturday, it’s kind of amazing. Usually I’m unconscious on Saturday.

I’ve heard of one other person doing this – another MS patient who works full time. That’s… kind of a drag.

Current viewing: The Good Place, season 2, and preparing to begin Better Call Saul, season 4. I’ll get back to Ozark at some point, not to mention the Netflix Marvel shows, which – I’m not NOT into it, but sort of not excited about it right this minute, whereas I am excited about BCS. It’s all about moods. I like Iron Fist. I’m just… literally too tired to watch action at the moment? Maybe?

Last weekend I went to Rose City Comic Con, witnessed the glory of David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Felicia Day, and himself, John Barrowman, as well as his learned sister Carole. I also gave John a copy of Before and After Michael. I should have personalized it more, but oh well, if the eggplant sticker doesn’t get my point across, what really would?