Jemiah Jefferson

Photo by Serena Davidson

Hi – my name’s Jemiah. I write books by inclination, and co-edit comic books by vocation. Here you’ll find info on my published works, thoughts on and previews of the upcoming Dark Horse projects I’m doing, a bit about me, and then a bit more about me.

Link me!

Even if “Before and After Michael” has been released under a pseudonym.

here, on Facebook.


A bit more editing, finalizing the covers, and filling out all the forms – that’s all that’s left to do before I will actually have new writing available for public consumption.


It’s not a book…

…and it’s not going to be under the name Jemiah Jefferson.


Stay tuned for more info.

Only a link to whet the appetite. This page will change on the sooner side of eventually.

But this is great and should be read.


You should get yourself a copy of this. Yes, I know the photographer. She is extremely talented.


Until I can get a higher level of security enabled, comments and contacts are off line for this blog.

Hope you know how to reach me some other way!