Voice of the Blood

Voice of the Blood by Jemiah JeffersonVoice of the Blood by Jemiah Jefferson second printingVoice of the Blood by Jemiah Jefferson Catalan edition

Ariane Dempsey has it all – a promising career as a bioscientist, a nice San Francisco apartment, and a handsome, funny, brilliant fiance, the gifted physicist Dr. John Thurbis. But one night, Ariane encounters a vampire. . . who introduces her to a world of unimaginable darkness and power. Determined to explore this world to the fullest extent, her curiosity and persistence sets her on a blood-drenched road to the world’s greatest monster, sinister, sexy, irresistible Daniel Blum. Voice of the Blood is a tale of longing, damnation, obsession, and an undying lust for experience.

First edition Feburary, 2001      Second edition May 2011

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