I started watching Fellini’s Casanova last night, via Hoopla via the local library system (all hail)! I can’t tell if it influenced my dreams last night at all – I didn’t really properly sleep until after dawn, which is becoming quite typical – rather spending the night in a state of semi-aware drifting, much too tired to get up but unable to attain that sweet unconsciousness we all crave. Anyway, Donald Sutherland, in his youthful prime, has thus far worn a massive silk cloak over a fetching cotton spaghetti strap romper situation, and in the scene I’m currently paused in, a confection of candy-pink stitched swirls and leg o’ mutton sleeves, and I’m like, Ahh, Fellini, you just get me, don’t you?

it’s an interesting time to be black in America. it usually is, but this week has been extra interesting.